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Top 10 Silver Lake

The Best Areas in Los Angeles and what makes them special

Want to know what is special about Silver Lake? The answer is everything! This is because it’s ideal for those who are creative and want to be a part of an eclectic crowd when they are searching for housing in the Los Angeles area.

Walt Disney’s first studio was in Silver Lake at 2725 Hyperion Ave. Today it’s known as a gathering both for those who are creative, along with the bohemian class and a diverse group of ethnic and socioeconomic groups. The community also boasts some of the most well-known architecture in Los Angeles.

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Lark Bakery 3337 Sunset Blvd. 323.667.2968 (no Web site) “wonderful pastries to go with great coffee in a real family atmosphere”.


Pho’s Café 2841 Sunset Blvd. 213.413.0888 (no Web site) “great Vietnamese food in a stylish décor unexpected for its mini-mall location”.


Rockaway Records 2395 Glendale Blvd. 323.66.3232 “great place for current CDs, vintage vinyl and other collectibles”.

Garden Stuff

Pot-Ted 3158 Los Feliz Blvd. 323.665.3801 “new local garden and outdoor pottery place with more than just giant pots for plants; wonderful recycled furniture and eco-friendly accessories as well as unique landscape pieces”.

Great Gifts

Show 1722 N. Vermont Ave. 323.664.1960 “find that special something for that special someone at this object d’art store where the owner has an eye for emerging design”.


Dusty’s Bistro 3200 W. Sunset Blvd. 323.906.1018 “delicious food in a creative space, Dusty’s caters to those looking for a great meal in a wonderfully warm room, and serving breakfast until 4 p.m.!”