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Top 10 Santa Monica

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Those who want to settle in Santa Monica will find an upscale beachfront community surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. The revitalization of its downtown area and increased tourism area mean this is not only an area with perfect housing, but also alive with restaurants, bars, shops and other venues for residents and tourists.

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Homeworks 2923 Main Street 310.396.0101 (no Web site) “the ultimate gift store for a giggle or a clever gift, 25 years of getting just the right stuff for just the right occasion”.


The Victorian Baker Café 2640 Main Street 310.392.4956 “housed in a lovingly restored 1894 Victorian, the Café opened a daily brunch menu at the behest of its Farmer’s Market pastry aficionados”.


Wildflour Pizza 2807 Main Street 310.392.3300 (no Web site) “long before Wolfgang there was Wildflour, serving East-Coast style pizza with dough made fresh twice daily and toppings even health-conscious Westsiders love”.

Kid’s Store

JennyBec’s 927 Montana Ave. 310.395.8505  “a wonderful, upscale children’s store whose aim is to make your shopping experience pleasant, and with a wide variety of toys, clothing, games and furniture for the short set…so varied it’s best described as an elegant Toys R Us”.


Santa Monica Pier Aquarium 1600 Ocean Front Walk 310.393.6149 “what…an aquarium in Santa Monica is what most locals say; this one, started as a UCLA Marine Center and now run by Heal the Bay, is a true hidden treasure located under the carrousel at the Pier, and offers an eco-view of the Santa Monica Bay complete with touch tanks, a shark/ray tank and a kelp forest”.


Powerhouse Theatre 3115 2nd St. 310.396.3680 “this place lives up to its slogan, ‘an entertainment destination with something for everyone,’ because it is a true community theatre in an international entertainment capital, offering classes, stage performance series and kid’s program, plus more and it’s affordable”.